Maty took to Instagram over the weekend (15-16Oct16) to blast DJ Kygo, who she collaborated with on 2015 hit Stay, and his manager Myles Shear, claiming they banned her from performing at his two shows at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles because she had been too sick to sing at a previous show in the tour.

"When you write a song, travel the world to perform for an entire year for free, and then get treated like a complete piece of (s**t) because you get sick and miss one show... I am being punished to (sic) being sick," she wrote.

"'Put on a pretty dress, lipstick, open your mouth and sing. We don't need your voice in the show, we only deal with the best.' - @managermyles is this really how you treat people that you call one big family? I'm sick of dealing with these sexist pigs in the industry. Im standing up for myself."

Kesha, who is currently embroiled in a legal battle with producer Dr. Luke for alleged sexual and emotional abuse, took to Instagram to support Maty, saying the singer should have been allowed to perform at the Hollywood Bowl.

“My (heart) is with @matynoyes," she wrote. "It’s unfair to you, and it’s unfair to your fans. when someone in this industry treats you like s**t, just tell the truth. the universe is listening."

Maty, who wrote Stay, thanked Kesha for standing with her and added, "@iiswhoiis has your back nothing is impossible. #flowerpower we gotta stick together and unite... thanks so much Kesha love u long time."

Kygo's manager issued an apology about the disagreement, telling Maty via, "I’m truly sorry for what was said and for the situation that unfolded, and hope you will accept my apology."