The pop star has been locked in a bitter sexual assault legal battle with mentor and music producer Dr. Luke, and in February (16), a judge denied her bid to walk away from her recording contract with his Kemosabe Records and parent company Sony Music, which she claimed restricts her from working with any other producer.

Throughout her public legal battle, she garnered support from thousands of fans and fellow artists, including electronic dance DJ Zedd, who offered to produce a song for her.

On Friday (29Apr16), the pair officially released a track called True Colors, a song which greatly resonated with Kesha during this turbulent time in her life.

"It's such a blessing that Zedd has given me this opportunity to record his song True Colors," Kesha wrote on Facebook. "This song’s message spoke to me so deeply that I knew I had to find my own interpretation and record it, to spread the beautiful message of personal empowerment. It gives me hope that I will someday soon be able to release my own album. Until then let's all celebrate our own truth."

The singer also gave followers on Instagram a brief look at her writing process, taking to the app on Monday (02May16) to post a video of her writing the lyrics to True Colors in a notebook as her cats attempt to stop her from jotting down the lines: "And I won't apologise for the fire in my eyes/let me show you my true colors".

Kesha also shared several emotional posts on social media thanking her loyal fans and celebrity friends who have been by her side during the ordeal, including Gaga and Miley who were tagged in her Instagram post.

"Hand over heart tears in my eyes thank you," Kesha wrote. "I’ve never been so full of gratitude in my entire life. there are really no words my loves. you have fought for me for no reason and you have successfully changed my life. YOU have been there for me through a time I thought, at many different times, I couldn’t live through.

"I couldn’t fathom being on the other side. and here we are. thanks to YOU. every one of you. please know that my gratitude is beyond words and I will remember this forever till the day I die."

Kesha also added how eager she is to record music without Dr. Luke, adding, "Forever grateful to @zedd and all of YOU for making True Colors possible. Baby steps. All I want to do is make music. Hope to be able to really get back to work and record an album soon. But this feels great. this is why I'm here. I had forgot the feeling."