Kesha just wants to spend 2017 releasing new music.

The 'Tik Tok' hitmaker is fully focused on relaunching her music career after dropping her lawsuit against Dr. Luke - who she claimed sexually assaulted her - and fulfilling her contractual obligations to the producer's label Kemosabe by submitting 28 new songs.

Kesha has been working on an emotional duet with a mystery collaborator, which made them both cry ''happy tears''.

The 29-year-old pop star has penned a heartfelt message to her fans about her horrible year and how she aims to ''forever fight'' to be able to release the songs she's been working on.

Alongside a black and white picture of the star slumped in bed, she wrote on Instagram: ''Just got back a mix of me and someone singing a duet crying happy tears never in my life imagined this dream could ever actually come true .... please pray one day y'all can hear this music. it's the most vulnerable and honest I have ever been to myself and it's literally documenting me growing up. I cannot wait and will forever fight for u to hear it. merry everything and happy every day and thank you for not abandoning me while I fight the good fight. I just want to make art. and let you hear it. that's all I want for Christmas. and my New Years resolution is to finish my record and give it to you. thank you animals. love y'all. (sic)''

The blonde beauty previously revealed she has been recording a ''f**k off'' song with a Grammy Award-winning artist, and has since taken to Twitter to share an update.

She wrote: ''to the studio with a friend hope he wins the Grammy for producer of the year this year!!!! #secretawesomesongs (sic)''

Kesha's last track, 'True Colors', was recorded with Zedd and came out after a judge ruled she could not be released from her recording contract with Dr. Luke.

She signed a contract with Dr. Luke - who has denied all the allegations of abuse - for five albums in 2005 and has so far released just two, with the most recent, 'Warrior', coming out in 2012.

Until she delivered her final three LPs, Kesha could have remained locked in the contract for life.

Although she has now submitted the required 28 songs, the studio wizard - whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald - may not necessarily release them, if they are not deemed commercially satisfactory.

However, Kesha and her team could provide any failure to make the tracks available as proof Sony and Luke are refusing to release her music.