The Tik Tok hitmaker will be among the special guests at the event on 9 December (16) in New York City.

"By combining artistic fearlessness with unbounded creative energy, Kesha has continually pushed the limits of what was once thought possible in pop music," Janice Min, co-president and chief creative officer of The Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group, says. "She's a force on stage, an inspiration in person and a true Trailblazer for millions of music fans around the world."

Kesha will be joining Madonna, who will be feted as Woman of the Year, Shania Twain, the 2016 Icon Award recipient, and Halsey, who will be given the Rising Star award. Andra Day, Meghan Trainor, and Maren Morris will also be honoured at the event.

The Trailblazer Award comes at the end of a tough year for Kesha, who has been embroiled in legal action against her Kemosabe label boss, Dr. Luke, since 2014, when she accused him of emotional and physical abuse, which he denies.

As part of her spat with the producer, real name Lukasz Gottwald, the singer was ordered to turn over medical records pertaining to the alleged abuse after his lawyers requested them in May (16), in a bid to disprove her claims. Worried Gottwald would release her gynaecological, psychiatric and rehab records, which date back 10 years, her lawyers filed a motion to keep them private.

Last month (Oct16), Supreme Court Judge Shirley Kornreich ruled her medical records would remain sealed in order to "insulate her from unnecessary embarrassment and to protect her medical providers". The records will only be seen by Kesha, Dr. Luke, and lawyers involved in the case.