Kevin Hart and John Travolta are to star in a comedy action series on Quibi.

The 40-year-old comic will play a fictionalised version of himself in 'Die Hart', and after being offered his dream leading man action role by a famous director, he's sent off to a training camp run by a lunatic, who will be played by John.

Kevin will be pushed to his limits by the action school coach, as well as a rival student, and must face his fears and survive a series of over-the-top action sequences in order to fulfill his dream.

'Die Hart' is directed by Eric Appel and written by Tripper Clancy and Derek Kolstad.

Kevin will serve as executive producer, and producers will include Candice Wilson, Bryan Smiley and Jeff Clanagan, Laugh Out Loud's President and the actor's business partner.

The series is the latest announcement from the upcoming streaming service, which will focus on content for millennials and telling stories in segments of 10 minutes or less.

Among the programmes coming to Quibi are 'The Andy Cohen Diaries', an animated series in which the Bravo star will voice himself as he documents untold moments from his life.

'Killing Zac Efron' will see the 'High School Musical' star and his brother go off grid on a remote island, where they will attempt to survive for several days without food, water or technology.

Justin Timberlake will interview singers about the songs that inspired them to become musicians, before they duet on the important track, while Chris Rock will narrate 'Wild Kingdom', a series of four to five minute-long National Geographic documentaries.

Idris Elba and Ken Block will star in a stunt-driving series, while Stephen Spielberg will work on a horror series that viewers can only watch at night.

Quibi is set to launch on 6 April, and will offer 175 original shows in its first year.