Kevin Smith feels ''fantastic'' following his heart attack.

The 47-year-old filmmaker and comedian suffered a ''massive'' heart attack in February, and has now admitted that he's on the road to making healthier changes in his life as a result of the health scare, and now feels ''a thousand times better''.

He said: ''I feel fantastic. I had a heart attack, two months of change ago. They opened up my LAD, which sounds sexy but its the widow maker artery. It's the third artery that runs across the front of your heart and it with the most blood and oxygen. That was 100 blocked, so this doctor f***ing cut a hole in my crotch, right next to my d**k, reached up my groin - probably with a device but in my mind with his hand - went up to my femoral artery and my heart, found the blockage, and opened that s**t up. And then suddenly the blood was flowing for the first time in who knows how long. 100 percent blockage over years, the blood must have gotten slower and slower to the point where it blocked, and that's why I had a massive heart attack. But suddenly I felt a thousand times better.''

The 'Clerks' helmer has since joined Weight Watchers and is now an ambassador for the dieting franchise alongside the likes of DJ Khaled and Oprah.

Speaking to The Blast, he added: ''[It's me], DJ Khaled, and Oprah. It's a weird party. For me, it makes absolute sense because they give you a number, and as long as you stay within that number, you're going to either maintain your weight, or lose weight. So they gave me like 32 points to f**k around with and stuff, and I find most days I don't even use all the points.''