Kevin Smith has started shooting his 'Jay and Silent Bob' reboot - on the one year anniversary of his near-fatal heart attack.

The 48-year-old filmmaker rose to prominence after the 1994 movie 'Clerks' - which he wrote, directed, co-produced, and acted in as the character Silent Bob of stoner duo Jay and Silent Bob - and exactly a year on from suffering a heart attack which almost took his life, he has taken to Instagram to confirm the upcoming reboot of the popular pair is official under way.

Alongside a picture of himself with Jay Mewes and Jason Lee, he wrote: ''One year ago today, I almost died. So today, I'm living it up on with @jaymewes and Jason Lee on Day 1 of my new flick @jayandsilentbob Reboot!

''I couldn't think of a better scene with which to start the shoot than the return to the Mall with Brodie Bruce. The three of us gathered for a couple hours last night to run the lines and realized we first rehearsed together waaaaay back in the mid-90's. It may be 24 years later and we may have 6 kids between us, but Jay, Lee and me partied like it was 1995, giggling while adding jokes and finding inflections. (sic)''

Kevin went on to say the group had the Oscars on during their practice, and admitted he felt ''relief'' when he wasn't included in the In Memoriam segment.

He continued: ''The Oscars were on in the background during our practice and I couldn't help but feel relief when the ''In Memoriam'' montage ended and I wasn't in it. We picked 2/25 as the Reboot start date *intentionally*, to celebrate the fact that I did not become Silent Bob forever 365 days ago. But after a blissful couple hours of making pretend with my friends on the set of my 14th film, I'm starting to think I *did* die in that operating room after all. Because what could be more Heavenly than this? (sic)''

The filmmaker has kept fans up to date with the film's proceedings since the start of this year, when he posted an update during a ''pre-pre-production'' meeting, which was followed by the announcement that filming would begin this month.