Cult filmmaker Kevin Smith is worried about his longtime co-star and friend Jason Mewes' growing addiction to heroin.

Jason - who plays fast-talking, marijuana dealer JAY in all of Smith's films - turned himself in and plead guilty to six counts of violating his probation for a 1999 heroin conviction last week (ends06APR03).

Now it is hoped that an American TV documentary, ROCK BOTTOM, about Jason's heroin addiction might help him kick his habit. The actor was persuaded to take part by his personal manager, CRAIG VEYTIA.

Kevin says, "I'm all for Jay trying to put his life together. I've been taking a tough love approach with Jay, telling him I wouldn't hang out with him or work with him until he cleaned up.

"If the idea of a camera following him around impedes his drug use, that's great. But at the same time it does seem kind of exploitative."

Kevin says he hasn't spoken to Jason in months. Rock Bottom is scheduled to air on HBO in America this summer (03).