Cult movie maker Kevin Smith has promised to revisit his Jay And Silent Bob franchise if the film's star, Jason Mewes, stays away from drugs. Mewes, who pleaded guilty to possession of heroin and a hypodermic needle in 2001, has appeared in many of Smith's films and the director admits the much-anticipated CLERKS sequel was inspired by his friend's sobriety. Smith explains, "He was knee-deep in OxyContin and heroin, and I had told him if he ever cleaned up, I would put him in another movie. "When he was six months clean, he asked me if we would be doing another Jay And Silent Bob movie... I told him it was CLERKS II." Smith has now given Mewes another promise - to revisit Jay And Silent Bob if Mewes can stay sober for five years. He adds, "We can JAY AND SILENT BOB GO TO SPACE or some s**t."