Screen star Kevin Spacey telephoned an aspiring filmmaker to commend him on his impressive work - but the budding director was devastated he missed the call to buy fish and chips.

Scotland-based Bryan Larkin, 31, had sent in his short film, REFLECTIONS OF A LIFE, to an internet competition set up by Spacey and actor BILLY BOB THORNTON, and his effort was such a hit it was picked out of 14,000 entrants to be one of 10 winners.

Spacey decided to call Larkin to congratulate him personally, but Larkin's father, FRANK, took a message, oblivious of who he was talking to.

Larkin says, "I went out to get something to eat and when I came back my dad told me some American called Kevin had called.

"I was baffled, and asked, 'Kevin who?' Dad just said, 'Spacey or something.'

"I couldn't believe it. Kevin Spacey had just called and I was getting a fish supper."

19/05/2005 13:56