Kim Kardashian West's sons have inspired her to continue with her work on criminal justice reform.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star is training to be a lawyer and hopes her work will make a ''safe and fair'' world for all, particularly for her two sons - Saint, three, and Psalm, six months.

She said: ''When you become a mum, you become so protective. You want to, hopefully, make their world the most perfect place ever. And ours obviously isn't. And I definitely see how, especially, like, black men, are treated in this country, still differently. And I'm raising two black men and so I want to make sure that my world and their world is as safe and as fair as possible.''

And the 39-year-old reality television star is ''so glad'' that she's gone on such a ''journey'' with her legal work.

She added: ''It's just been such a journey that I didn't ever imagine I would be on. But I'm so glad that I am.

''And I just love that we've been able to just get a lot of work done and I just don't want to stop that.''

Kim recently met with Rodney Reed, who was granted a 120-day stay of execution. Rodney was convicted of murder 21 years ago, but has always protested his innocence and he will now have his case reviewed by a court.

Speaking on US breakfast show, Today, she shared: ''When we got the news it was just this, like, overwhelming sigh of relief and hope. It was emotional. It was extremely emotional, and he said, 'Praise Jesus.' I could just feel his soul when he said that.''