Kim Kardashian West has ''learned a lot'' about ''standing her ground'' from Kanye West.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star credits her husband for teaching her to say no and not making ''compromises''.

She said: ''I think we really let each other explore our creative side ... It's so much fun working with him.

''I learned a lot from my husband about saying no, and standing your ground on what you believe in, and not compromising.''

And the 39-year-old television personality has opened up about family life with Kanye and she insisted he's very ''simple''.

She told Australia's Stellar magazine: ''He's very simple. If I bring him a warm brownie and ice-cream, he's very happy, and that'll win me points for, like, a good week. Yes, he's very simple.

''And he lets me watch my TV shows that I want at night. Even when he wants to watch 'Rick And Morty' all night long, and I want to watch 'Dateline', he lets me watch 'Dateline.'''

Meanwhile, Kim previously revealed she wants to ''honour'' the ''life change'' her husband Kanye West is going through.

She said: ''I do think that, you know, he is my husband so I obviously want to honour him and what he's feeling. And he's been going through this life change and it's mostly about the kid ... He's very cautious about what we have in the house. We got rid of TVs in the kids' rooms and removed makeup from North's room. He's had this epiphany of being this ... not that he wasn't an amazing dad, but being more strict as a dad and very forceful on the imagery that's in our household and what they see. I actually agree with it, but I'm always going to be me.''