Kings Of Leon insist that fatherhood has changed them as a band.

The 'Use Somebody' hitmakers - who make up brothers Caleb, Nathan, Jared and their cousin Matthew - have ditched the rock 'n' roll lifestyle since three of them became fathers, however, frontman Caleb insists they are still having fun, just a different kind.

Speaking about his and his wife Lily Aldridge's four-year-old daughter Dixie, Caleb said: ''She will break you down pretty quick. Your kid will put you in your place. The honesty of a child goes a long way and you realise just how uncool you really are.''

In the earlier days of the band, the band were all hellraisers and took every opportunity they could to party on tour.

Speaking about how the dynamic of the group has changed, Jared - who is the youngest member of the band and yet to have children - revealed: ''There is a f***ing birthday party every three weeks!

''There is always something going on - holidays and stuff. So when we do get off the road, we still have to be a family.''

The band's kids all attend the same school and they are keen for their children to follow in the family tradition and form their own band.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, Caleb said: ''My daughter already has the tunes, so I think there might be an argument over who is the lead singer - all the kids think they're the best. Obviously my kid's the best! But we'll see.''

Away from parenting duties, Kings of Leon have just released their seventh album 'Walls'.