Kirsten Dunst had a ''week of anxiety'' before she picked up her Walk of Fame star.

The 'Spider-Man' star was so ''nervous'' ahead of her Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony last week that she ''could barely eat'' in the run up to it.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she said: ''I had like a week of anxiety, I'd wake up and I could barely eat. I just get nervous. I hate public speaking. It was me, Jesse [Plemons] and Sofia Coppola. We all hate public speaking so it was the worst people to ask to talk. All terrified speakers. We got there and I just started crying when I saw my publicist, it's just so emotional. It's all your friends and family and it's this big historical thing.''

Kirsten cried when she was honoured with the star.

Her husband Jesse Plemons started by reading the famous Norman Vincent Peale quote: ''In Hollywood, they shoot for the moon, because even if you miss at least you'll land among stars.''

And then he quipped: ''That's not my actual speech ... I just wanted to see her face as I gave the most cliched and boring speech of all time ... I love you, Keeks. And I couldn't be any prouder of you than I am right now.''

An emotional Kirsten then admitted she ''never dreamed'' she would get her own Walk of Fame star, as as a kid she assumed they were for stars who had passed away.

She said: ''I always thought they were dedicated to the stars of the past. I never dreamed that someday I would even be close to being part of that. I'm so honoured to be here today, and a part of Hollywood history.''