Lars von Trier has confessed that alcohol is sometimes the ''only thing'' which can help his anxiety.

The controversial filmmaker has admitted his health remains a work-in-process and that he is ''working'' on his alcoholism, however, Lars is occasionally forced to use booze as a ''tool'' to help cope with his severe anxiety attacks which leave him mentally crippled.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, the 61-year-old director said: ''I'm working on my alcoholism, which is good. I had an eight-month period where I didn't drink, and I'll get back to that again soon. But I have this alcohol 'tool' that I use when I have to. And if I have a really big anxiety attack, it's the only thing that will help. ''

The 'Antichrist' director has admitted that his alcohol consumption has sometimes had a positive effect on his work as it has freed him of some of the inhibitions holding back his creative visions.

He said: ''It depends on the form of the day. I mean, it's not a spur to work; it's only self-medication. But when you feel that level of anxiety you'll do anything to push it away. So, sometimes it helps. It gives you the room to come out with what you already had in mind.''

Lars has also reflected on some of his previous movies and divulged that the picture in which he ''had the most fun'' was the 2011 drama 'Melancholia' starring Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg because they were ''all so drunk''.

He said: '''Melancholia' was the one where we had the most fun. We were so drunk it was a fantastic experience we were all so drunk.''