Kirstie Alley celebrated America's Independence Day by spending the weekend (02-03Jul11) in Maine with John Travolta and his family.
The actors have been close friends ever since they starred together in 1989 movie Look Who's Talking, and Travolta invited his pal out to his New England estate for the Independence Day festivities.
After a delayed flight, Alley finally made it to her destination on Friday (01Jul11), writing in a post on, "Ahhhhhh Maine... On the porch looking over the ocean... drinking wine... dancing in the yard... to (sic) f**king perfect".
She went on to post pictures of the lakeside retreat and snaps of her cuddled up with Travolta's wife Kelly Preston, their daughter Ella and baby son Benjamin, as well as a photo of her hugging the actor on the porch.
She adds, "Nostalgia John, Kelly, Kirstie...BFFs (best friends forever)".
Once the weekend's festivities were over, Travolta had one more treat in store for his friend - he offered her the use of his private plane for her return journey after she suffered a travel nightmare with Delta Airlines.
Alley adds, "My wish came true! John sending us back in his plane! F (f**k) you Delta!... Thank you John and Kelly!!! Color (sic) me spoiled rotten!"