Kirstie Alley had to have her 'Dancing With The Stars' costume taken in because she's lost so much weight during the show.

The former 'Cheers' star - whose weight has fluctuated over the years - says she's finally happy with her body since appearing on the dance show because as well as shedding pounds, she has also toned up.

The 60-year-old actress - who has made it to the final of 'Dancing with the Stars' - said: "We're doing our dance t, and you have to wear the costume you wore during the first dance that you did. We had to take a lot of inches out of that costume, which was fun.

"I wasn't so hungry when I was dancing. That coupled with insane amounts of dancing, I'm sure I lost it faster ... I had the energy the whole way through it and that was sort of astonishing."

Kirtsie says she is determined to keep the weight off this time as she is going out to buy a while new wardrobe.

She told People magazine: "It feels great to buy new clothes and look good in them and get rid of all your old stuff."