Obama is staying with his wife and two daughters on the island of Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, and has been photographed playing golf while swathes of the southern state is underwater.

The 65-year-old actress ridiculed Obama for not visiting Louisiana and likened the situation to when former president George Bush waited too long to visit New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

"Do u think USA wants to C (see) him playing golf while Louisiana is 20 feet under water & people R (are) dying?" she posted on Twitter on Friday (19Aug16).

"I thought Bush waited too long also! I was in Katrina on day 5 & I'm just a gorgeous actress :) THEY needed HELP! (sic) I didn't need an invitation."

After one follower told her Obama had been advised not to visit Louisiana as it would divert valuable resources in the flood-stricken areas, she responded, "Wouldn't stop me if I was Pres (sic)...I'd slip in the back door ..someway... or possibly do an on air PLEA."

Alley is a vocal supporter of billionaire Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate. Trump has already visited Louisiana with his running mate Mike Pence, and the pair was photographed helping deliver aid packages.

Obama has said he will visit the area within the next few days.

The floods hit the state earlier this month (Aug16), killing at least 13 people and destroying more than 40,000 homes. The natural disaster has been described as the worst to hit the U.S. since Hurricane Katrina.

Katrina claimed the lives of more than 1,200 people, displacing hundreds of thousands of residents in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, and causing more than $100 billion (£76 billion) in damage.