Kirstie Alley has been seen socialising on a girls' night out, according to The Daily Mail. The 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant took a break from her intense dance schedule to let her hair down.

The 60-year-old 'Cheers' actress joined Kelly Preston and her daughter Ella for a dinner and drinks at Mr Chow in Beverly Hills. Snapped up by the paparazzi, the two women were seen laughing and joking outside the restaurant, much to the 11-year-old Ella's embarrassed expressions. Earlier this week, Alley who was previously married twice had spoken out about her love life to TV Host Ellen Degeneres, admitting that she used to demand her former lovers for at least two hours of sex a day. Talking about her sexual liberation, Alley stated, 'I really hadn't had a boyfriend for the last ten years - a serious boyfriend. It was the best ten years of my life. I had a lot of freedom.' The mother-of-two, who is divorced from BOB ALLEY and Parker Stevenson, has been single for some time.

Alley has currently made it to the final five contestants on 'Dancing With the Stars'. The Grand Finale is three weeks away.