Kirstie Alley has agreed to pay $41,395 in property taxes from last year after claiming she never received the bill.

The 'Dancing With The Stars' runner-up owes the money - which includes fees and interest - on her $1.73 million mansion in Tampa, Florida and while the payment was due on April 1 for, her spokesman revealed Kirstie's accountant was unaware of the outstanding debt.

The spokesman said: "We were not aware of the amount owed, and her accountant never received the bill."

Tax office spokesman Chad McLeod has confirmed that one of the actress' representatives called their offices yesterday (09.06.11) and promised to pay.

If Kirstie had not settled the bill on the five bedroom, four bathroom property, the house - which was previously owned by Elvis Presley's daughter, Lisa Maria Presley - would have gone into foreclosure.

The former 'Cheers' star has recently been staying in a rented apartment in New York's Tribeca district.