'Look Who's Talking' is to be rebooted 30 years after the original comedy hit cinemas.

The box office smash - which boasted a cast that included Kirstie Alley, John Travolta and Bruce Willis - is to be remade by Sony Pictures' Screen Gems with 'The Wedding Ringer' director Jeremy Garelick attached to write and helm the new film.

Speaking to Deadline, he said: ''What excited me about doing is, I have four kids, including twins, and this is something they can watch, and share some of the experience I had with my wife.

''Like, figuring out how to raise these kids, with all the mistakes that happen. Add in the voices that are keyed to facial expressions, it just really seems like a fun idea.''

The original movie followed accountant Mollie Jensen (Alley) who is left to raise her newborn baby Mikey alone after she falls pregnant to a married man called Albert (George Segal) however taxi driver James Ubriacco (Travolta) becomes part of the family after he drives her to the hospital when she goes into labour and inadvertently witnesses Mollie's baby be born.

The twist of the movie is that the audience can hear Mikey's thoughts through the voice of Willis.

Garelick explained the appeal of returning to the original film is that ''everyone can relate to babies''.

He said: ''Everyone can relate to babies. The challenge is, that was a really good movie, Travolta and Kirstie Alley had great chemistry and Amy Heckerling wrote a great script.

''We're in the early stages of figuring out what the story is for the modern version of the movie.''

The original film cost $7.5 million but banked almost $300 million at the box office.

'Look Who's Talking' spawned two sequels, 'Look Who's Talking Too' and 'Look Who's Talking Now' - which featured the family's dogs talking in their heads - as well as a TV series 'Baby Talk'.

It is not yet known if there are plans for any of the original cast members to feature in the reboot.