Kristen Stewart says it was Elizabeth Banks' idea to revive 'Charlie's Angels'.

The 29-year-old actress - who stars alongside Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska in the hit movie - has revealed she was ''thankful'' to work with the director and loved how she wrote the perfect and most ''well-intentioned movie''.

She said: ''It was really fun. Liz is really funny. It was her idea to revive the movies. I'd never worked with her before but I've always been a huge fan. Tonally we're so different - she can squeeze a joke or a laugh out of anything and I'm the furthest from that.

''I was so thankful and ultimately she wrote a really warm, grounded - also very silly, stupid, sometimes slapstick - but also really well-intentioned movie. It's rad. These girls are actually smart and it's about women who are friends and who are good people working together ... It didn't lose the kitschy thing because she's really f***ing silly.''

And Kristen loved how ''wily'' her character is.

Speaking to Collider, she added: ''My character is wily. I'm the really irresponsible older sister who takes care of these girls ... but she never really knows what time it is or where she's supposed to be. So it was fun to be just a dumb-a**.''

Kristen previously described the 'Charlie's Angels' reboot is ''woke''.

She said: ''At one point I think we said it was woke and grounded, and everyone was like, 'Wait, is it still fun?' And I'm like, 'Yeah dude, obviously, it's 'Charlie's Angels'. If you were to make that movie right now, there needs to be more than three girls.

''We're all in it together. There's an entire network of women across the entire world that are supporting each other. It feels really well-intentioned. And it's funny and weird, too, so hopefully people have fun watching it.''