The Suddenly I See star lost her father David in 2012 in a cycling accident and in early 2013, she announced she had split from husband Luke Bullen after four years of marriage.

The Scottish singer now admits her father's death forced her to realise she was unhappy and needed to make a change and ultimately lead to her divorce.

"My father passing really, in many ways, was a gift: It made me look at my own happiness and sense of self and realise that I wasn't happy," she told People, adding that she was "miserable" despite achieving so many professional goals.

"It left me in a place where I really could either fumble along and try and keep life as similar as possible – or I could stop everything and really take a look at myself and ask myself who I was and what I wanted and work out why I had ended up in the place of unhappiness, where I thought I was chasing a dream."

The 41-year-old took time out of the music industry and moved to Los Angeles, a decision she calls "one of the best things that I've ever done". Her first album in three years, KIN, was released this month (Sep16).