KT Tunstall thinks Simon Cowell cares more about making money than producing good music.

The 'Suddenly I See' hitmaker has moaned that better artists are losing out on radio air time because the music manager's label Syco and talent show The X Factor churn out generic singers.

She said: ''Parts of music have become a complete corporate exercise. It's always happened but it's just happening now on a much larger scale.

''The amount of artists putting music out now is unrecognisable. Be it Cowell's label or whatever, they're basically taking up a lot of air space when the new Bowie or the new Lou Reed can't get on the radio because X Factor has clogged up the airwaves. And it's not longevity, it's about money.''

The 40-year-old Scottish singer added there are female artists out there who use their sexuality to sell records.

She added: ''There's tons of female performers where you can tell they're getting their bums and boobs out because it's going to sell their record.

''You can tell pretty easily which women in music are expressing themselves and celebrating their incredible hot bodies like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus and are making their own decisions and are in control of it.''

Meanwhile, Tunstall's new single 'Evil Eye' is out now and she's currently working on her fifth album, which will be released this autumn.

And she hopes it will follow the success of her debut EP 'Eye to The Telescope' - which went platinum in five countries including the US - because she regrets not playing arena tours when she had the chance.

She told Yahoo: ''When my first album went stratospheric I could have easily done arena tours but I was too scared. I kick myself. And I'd love to try it now.''