The former Lemonheads star met the late music icon when she visited him backstage after a Nirvana concert in 1993, just one year before he died.

In the handwritten note, Kurt apologised for not being able to have a more in depth conversation with Juliana.

In an essay for The, Juliana writes, "As Kurt says, and apologizes for, in the letter, there were a lot of people backstage, all wanting a little of Kurt's attention - wanting to shake his hand, say hello - and the basement dressing room was very small. It was a cramped, noisy scene.

"There wasn't really much time or space to focus on having a conversation. But Kurt was very gracious and respectful to me in those brief few minutes, and I was glad to have finally met him."

She continues, "The historical and personal detail in the letter makes it valuable as an artifact (sic). So, regardless of whether or not I will be remembered by rock history, I still believe there must be someone out there - some rich, rabid Nirvana fanatic - willing to pony up for this rare, one-of-a-kind, touched-by-Kurt document."

And after 23 years, Juliana says she is willing to part ways with the precious missive, just so she can pay the rent on her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

"If you are interested in buying the letter, I will consider any offer of at least $20,000 (£13,800)," she continues. "Because I have rent to pay. But I won't give it up for any (thing) less than that. And even then, I still might decide, at the last minute, to keep it."