Kylie Jenner only has ''10 minutes'' to do her make-up now she's a mother.

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star used to take her time over her morning regime before she had her daughter Stormi, 21 months, with her ex-partner Travis Scott but now she has to rush through the routine so that she's up, dressed and ready to go before the little one wakes up.

Speaking in a video uploaded on her YouTube account, Kylie said: ''I've had to cut my routine down a lot. This routine really takes me no longer than like 10 minutes.''

However, the 22-year-old businesswoman likes to savour the moment because she finds doing her make-up really ''therapeutic'' as she gets to apply it while listening to her favourite tunes and sipping on her morning coffee.

She explained: ''My favourite part about doing my makeup is, it's like a therapeutic moment for me. I turn my music on, if I'm gonna get ready at night I'll have a glass of wine. Or, I'll have my coffee if I'm doing it in the morning.''

And Kylie's love for make-up has already rubbed off on little Stormi as she's ''super into'' cosmetics and can tell if her famous mother has put lipstick on her pout.

Kylie said: ''Stormi is actually super into make-up right now. It is amazing. Every time I'm wearing lipstick she notices and she looks at me like: 'Lip! Lip! Lip!'''

But the brunette beauty - who launched her own make-up brand Kylie Cosmetics in 2015 - doesn't know if she's going to let Stormi wear products on her face yet.

She added: ''I haven't even thought about when I'm going to let Stormi wear make-up. I'm going to see, she might not even want to wear make-up. But honestly, with the way things are going though, this girl is obsessed with make-up.''