Lady GaGa has been speaking about her memories of September 11th as the 10th anniversary approaches.

"On September 11, I was at school with my girlfriends" said the native New Yorker to "I just remember that the history teachers had us all piled into one room and had a television on and none of us believed it was happening" adding, "So we didn't believe it, so we ran up to the roof and I just remember we got up to the roof, and one tower had already fallen and we all watched the second tower fall all together." The pop superstar's mother worked quite close to the towers that day and she remembers the emotions she experienced that day "My dad picked us up; we couldn't reach my mom for a long time because she worked right across the street. We were really nervous." Gaga has been speaking ahead of Viacom's specially produced I Will campaign which is recruiting a host of celebrities including Nas and Julianne Hough to inspire young people to commemorate the attacks by committing good deeds as well as charity and voluntary work.

The 25-year-old singer has since gone onto to mega stardom following the release of her debut album The Fame in 2008 which was a huge critical and commercial success and included the singles Just Dance and Poker Face. The glam-rock inspired singer songwriter has released two further albums and has so far won five Grammy-awards.