Lara Stone doesn't brush her hair when she's not working.

The 33-year old model tries to give her tresses as much of a break as she possibly can during her down time because they are subjected to so much heat and styling products when she's got a job.

She said: ''I try to avoid heat styling when I' m not working to give my hair a break.

''On those days, it's lucky if it gets a brush.

''I'm completely incapable of doing my own hair, it's usually a throw-it-up ponytail situation.''

Lara - who has a four-year-old son, Alfred, with ex-husband David Walliams - has only recently begun enjoying exercise but she now appreciates all the benefits it brings.

She said: ''I recently started getting back into the whole workout thing.

''It's taken time, but now I believe exercising is as beneficial to your mentally as it is physically - it makes your mind so much clearer.

''I'm currently trying boxing, Pilates, and personalised workouts with a trainer. I actually have a muscle now! Just the one, but still.''

If the Dutch beauty was told she could only use one product for the rest of her life, she'd opt for foundation.

She told Elle magazine: ''If I could wear only one product for the rest of my life, it would be foundation.

''If you feel your skin looks good, it just makes everything else look OK.

''I'm low maintenance so I love L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation because it lasts all day and gives a really natural finish.''

And one item Lara doesn't mind going without is perfume.

She said: ''My first fragrance was Gucci Envy Me. My dad bought it for me at the airport - it reminds me of being young and my first proper experience of beauty products.

''Now, I don't wear perfume so much.''