Lara Stone has found love on Tinder.

The 35-year-old model and her comedian ex David Walliams, 47, ended their five year marriage in 2015, two years after welcoming son Alfred, now six, and Lara has now revealed that she is loved-up once again with property developer, David Grievson, thanks to the dating app Tinder.

While Lara admitted that going through a divorce was ''awful'', she insisted she and David have worked well together to co-parent Alfred.

Lara told the Telegraph magazine: ''Sometimes really different people work together - but maybe not for ever. It's awful getting divorced. The first time I left Alfred with David, he was really clingy. It's now five years and luckily our son was really young. He didn't really notice anything. It's only now that he knows that we used to be married. He's the happiest kid - really happy to be home with me and really happy to be home with his dad, so what more could you ask for?

''It's been OK. We always both had Alfred's best interests at heart. It's quite complicated custody because it's almost 50/50.''

When asked if she reads her ex-husband's children's books to their son, Lara admitted she tried but Alfred wasn't too interested.

She said: ''I've tried, but we haven't actually finished one. Alfie gets distracted. To be fair, I think they're aimed at a slightly older reader.''

Lara also revealed she found the fame that came from being in a relationship with David, quite terrifying.

Speaking of the early days of their relationship, she said: ''I'd been at his house and was walking back to the Tube and this car was driving next to me and they were taking pictures the whole time. It was just so bewildering and terrifying.''