Larry David tried to convince director Woody Allen to drop him from his new movie WHATEVER WORKS - because the comedian was sure he would "ruin" the film.
The Curb Your Enthusiasm star, who portrays lead character Boris Yellnikoff in the upcoming romantic comedy, admits he had doubts about taking on the part - and he spent every day of the shoot fearing he'd be the movie's downfall.
David says, "I talked to him (Allen) on the phone and told him, 'You're making a terrible mistake. I'm gonna ruin your movie.' He said, 'No, I think you'll do well with it.' So I said, 'OK.'
"Then I got to the set for the first day of filming, and all of my fears were realised. All of a sudden the guy goes, 'Take 30!' It wasn't going well. I was gassy, I was so nervous, my stomach was gurgling so loud they were picking it up on the microphone! Woody Allen would come across and go, 'Your stomach's gurgling!'
"(But) after the first take he came up to me and said, 'That wasn't horrible.'"