A man cleared of murder after he was spotted in the background of outtake footage of TV comedy CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM has been awarded damages of $320,000 (GBP170,000). JUAN CATALAN, 28, spent five months in jail charged with the murder of 16-year-old MARTHA PUEBLA until he used outtake footage - showing him at a LA Dodgers game in Los Angeles when the crime occurred - to prove his innocence. Catalan's attorney TODD MELNIK trawled through hours of footage of a televised game between the Dodgers and the Atlanta Braves that the defendant attended with his six-year-old daughter, before discovering the Larry David-starring comedy was being shot at the stadium on the same day. Catalan could be seen clearly eating a hot dog in a scene that ended up on the cutting room floor. A time code on the footage proved Catalan's whereabouts - 20 miles (32.2 kilometres) from the murder scene in San Fernando. Los Angeles City Council has agreed to pay $320,000 (GBP170,000) to Catalan.