In 2014, the Nymphomaniac moviemaker revealed he had spent years struggling with alcohol and drugs and was determined to get clean.

However, he expressed concern that sobriety would destroy his creative talent, and now Von Trier has admitted he is drinking small amounts of booze to help him work.

He tells Britain's The Guardian newspaper, "I went to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings every day for half a year. We supported each other to keep sober. These people kind of become your family. I used all my strength to get sober - now I start to drink a little again, so that I can work. When you shoot a film, it's hard work, and you tend to drink more... Drinking is more to overcome some anxiety... Even when I've worked with anxiety in therapy for all my life, anxiety is something that you can handle sometimes, while other times it's impossible."

The director reveals he is taking medication to help him cope and is also using meditation to deal with his issues, adding, "I meditate a lot... I take a lot of medication. Right now it's good. Sometimes my psychiatrist says I take too much medicine, and I'm not mentally up to my best."