Laura Haddock's ' Transformers:The Last Knight' co-star Sir Anthony Hopkins was a ''dream'' to work with.

The 31-year-old actress has enjoyed shooting scenes opposite the veteran actor because, despite his years of experience, he still approaches every day as if it's his first.

She said: ''Anthony Hopkins was just a dream to work with because he's so playful.

''He approaches this job like it's his first day every day - he's always so excited and open.''

The British actress - who has 16-month-old son Pip with her husband Sam Claflin - has had to travel a lot with her work and fell in love with Namibia when she shot 'Strike Back'.

She recalled to Britain's Marie Claire magazine: ''Namibia is a magical country. While filming 'Strike Back' we shot a scene flying across the desert in a helicopter at sunset.

''I just looked out at this landscape and thought, 'How on earth is this work?' ''

When she has time off work, Laura and Sam like to sit at home and watch their favourite feel-good movies.

She said: ''If my husband and I have a night in together we always put 'Wedding Crashers' on.

''It's so feel-good, you can watch it with a box of Maltesers and not worry about anything.

''I'm pretty sure the cast must have been giggling a lot off-camera while filming it.''

'Transformers: The Last Knight' - which is also known as 'Transformers 5' - is released next month.