Lauren Conrad's sole focus is motherhood.

The 'Hills' star welcomed her first child, son Liam, back in July with her husband William Tell and ever since the baby was born, she has been putting all her energy into raising her little boy.

A source told E! News: ''She's really enjoying motherhood and doing great. She's feeling a lot more adjusted and settled into a good routine. Many of her friends have kids so they have been a wealth of knowledge as far as advice on how to deal with typical newborn issues like feeding and sleep. She has really taken time to be home and be a mom. That's her focus and where her heart is right now. She is still working, but is home a lot with the baby and finding ways to work from home when she can.''

Meanwhile, Lauren previously admitted she feels ''overwhelmed'' being a mother.

She explained: ''I think that you can become a little overwhelmed, just being at home with your baby all day. Honestly, it's exactly as everyone describes it. It's the best and hardest thing you'll ever do. It's amazing. You fall so in love with your tiny person - it's a whole new life.

''I took a photo of [Liam] yesterday. I'm trying to take a monthly photo - all of the good moms do it - I'm really trying. So I took it and I looked at it next to his one-month photo, and he had just changed. Like he was a completely different baby, and I was like, 'Oh my God.' But seeing how fast they change, you realize it's so important not to miss anything.

''[William's] great. He's not afraid of babies, which is really helpful. He was 11 when his younger sister was born, so he has a lot of experience with babies. So that was really nice. He had way more experience than I did.''