Lea Michele would have dumped her fiancé if they didn't ''travel well together.''

The former 'Glee' star has been engaged to her beau Zandy Reich for two months but she has admitted there's no way they would've got to that point if they were unable to tolerate one another on holiday because that's a ''big relationship key.''

Speaking to People.com, the 31-year-old actress said: ''When you're meeting someone, you have to see right off the gate how they travel and if you travel well together. Luckily, when we first met, we realised that we do travel well together.

''That is a big relationship key I think. We love travelling, he's so well travelled. It's funny - he's been to a lot of places, I've been to a lot of places, but weirdly, a lot of the places I've been to he's never been to, and where he's been to I've never been to. So we're excited to show each other, but also get to explore new places together.''

And, although travelling is a big thing for them both, the brunette beauty has admitted that she and Zandy are yet to give any thought to their honeymoon destination.

She explained: ''We haven't gotten there quite yet. I think that we want to just plan the perfect wedding first and then we'll think about honeymoons. I think with honeymoons you can either do the sort of adventurous route or the relaxation route, [and] I'm currently leaning towards somewhere more relaxing.''

But one of the potential hot spots on their list is Italy's Amalfi Coast.

Lea - who has an Italian heritage - said: ''When I go there I feel so at home. The feeling for me, like it's somehow connected to my culture, my home, is very special. It has the three things that I love the most: you can be by the water, eat amazing pasta and then go explore all in one day. That's my dream.''