Leah Remini didn't feel like she was working when she was on set with Jennifer Lopez.

The 48-year-old actress enjoyed working with her pal on their new movie 'Second Act' and the duo ended up doing things they would do to each other ''in real life'' including slapping her and motivating her with an inspirational talk.

Speaking on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she said: ''I was really, really, really happy when we did our first day of shooting it was just very easy and it just felt like me and Jennifer. The reason I love the idea of doing a movie with Jennifer is because I was gonna do a lot of things that wasn't in the script and I was gonna be able to just improve.

''So that scene I just said 'I'm just gonna do some stuff to Jennifer that I'd do in real life to her' like I do that who's the champ thing to her before the AMAs. I'm like 'whose the champ' and she's like 'I'm the champ' I do it anyway even though she doesn't like it.''

In one scene of the romantic comedy, lead character Maya, played by 49-year-old Jennifer, is slapped by Leah's alter ego Joan - and the 'King of Queens' star revealed that during the improvised scene, the 'Get Right' singer couldn't help but respond when Leah slapped her in the face.

She added: ''So I did this and what you're seeing is the way she really interacts and then I started to slap her and she cracked me right across the face at the end. I fell to the ground in laughter I ruined the take because she cracked me so hard it was so funny and I did that a lot in the movie I ruined a lot of takes.''