Lenny Kravitz wants his new album Black and White America to be considered a work of art and has modelled it on his musical heroes.

"An album used to be a thing -- just like a piece of art, a sculpture, a painting -- and it's just sad to me that that's gone, because when I'm working on an album I'm working on an entire body of work and it matters how it all sounds together," said the 47-year-old rocker speaking to the CTV news, he also added that he took inspiration from greats of the past. "I wanted to make a record in the style of, in the tradition of, [Jimi Hendrix's] 'Electric Ladyland,' [The Beatles'] 'White Album,' [Prince's] 'Sign of the Times' or [George Harrison's] 'All Things Must Pass' -- great double records." The New York native has also enlisted the help of hip-hop superstars JAY-Z and Drake with his latest album and was particularly impressed by Drake after meeting the Toronto rapper "it was a pleasure to meet him, he's a gentleman and he's really good at what he does." Black and White America will be the 9th studio album from the American Woman hit maker.

Born in New York City Kravitz released his debut album Let Love Rule in 1989. His style incorporates pop, reggae, rock, funk and psychedelic and has collaborated with a variety of artists including supporting U2 on tour as well as winning several major awards including four Grammy Awards.