Leonardo Dicaprio and Jennifer Aniston have helped raise more than $2.7 (GBP1.8 million) for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

In a move that mixes Hollywood glamour with politics - other Tinseltown stars including Barbra Streisand, Meg Ryan and KEVIN COSTNER - joined the fund-raiser that caps a two-day tour of California for Kerry.

Guests, who totalled 1,500, were treated to a mini-concert by YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND singer James Taylor and a standup introduction by Larry David, the star of the HBO drama series CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM.

David jokes that Kerry should consider him to be Vice President, as he considers himself "a nincompoop, a chicken and a liar" - who could offset President George Bush and balance the ticket.

David adds that if something were to happen to Kerry, those qualities "would obviously be disastrous for anyone who was actually the president."

To which Kerry responds, "You are qualified, to be a Republican."

31/03/2004 17:02