Lewis Capaldi almost ditched 'Someone You Loved' because he didn't think it was strong enough.

The 22-year-old singer topped the charts for seven weeks - and spent another 14 in the UK top 10 - but he admitted he had some serious doubts over the quality of his hit single.

He told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: ''With 'Someone You Loved' I wrote the melodies for it and then I was like, 'oh f**k, this is not good enough', and then I completely stopped working on it.

''And I kept revisiting it over the months and still thinking,'this isn't good enough still', and I was almost trashing the song every single time.''

The tune became Lewis' breakthrough track when he released it in November last year after entering the top 10 with 'Grace', which was also featured on debut album 'Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent'.

The singer's sad ballads often deal with love and loss, and it means he feels a responsibility to make his live shows as fun as possible.

He explained: ''I like to keep it as light as possible in between songs, you're not going to hear me say, 'this is a song about a lady that broke my heart', because I can just imagine watching that and being like,'this is so f***ing boring get on with the music'.

''I try and keep it as jovial and light as possible, if you're a fan of chubby Scottish guys come along.''

Last month, Lewis played on The Other stage at Glastonbury and arrived in a green parka and matching bucket hat as he took a playful dig at Noel Gallagher.

Taking off the coat, he then revealed he was wearing a t-shirt with Noel's face on, surrounded by a heart.

The beef started after Noel called him an ''idiot'' and mocked the popularity of his debut LP, but Lewis has admitted his response was all for banter.

He said: ''It was all a good laugh, then I realised: 'I've got a gig to play here' ... I wasn't prepared for that many people. The first half-minute was a bit nervy.''