Liam Gallagher can't drive.

The 47-year-old rocker never learnt how to get behind the wheel of a car legally because he knew he would've wiped everyone out - including himself - straight away.

Speaking to GQ magazine, he said: ''No [I can't drive].

''That's why I'm still alive. Can you imagine me driving? Nah. ''Ey! I can f**kin' drive!'' Boom! I'd have killed us all years ago.''

And that's part of the reason why he couldn't bring himself to move Stateside as he loves having all four seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - in his life and he knows he couldn't abide by the all the strict rules places upon Hollywood.

He explained: ''Not for me, no way. It's nice coming here but there's too many rules. I got told off to take my f***ing hat off the other day in the Beverly Hills Hotel after they f***ing rinsed me 800 quid for a f***ing club sandwich which was the size of that f***ing table. And there was two of them. I only wanted one.

''You know with food when you're f***ing' hungry and they bring loads of it? I bit a little into the middle of it like a f***ing rabbit and I was f***ing full up, man.

''I had a pint and the kids had a burger, then we went to the bar for a cocktail, and the geezer's going, 'Can you take your hat off?' I was like, 'You didn't want me to take me f***ing hat off when I was f***ing forking out 800 quid for a f***ing burger.' I ain't taking me f***ing hat off to sit at the bar. I'm going home. When you wear a hat, you wear a hat, don't ya? It's not an on and off job, is it? You commit, innit. You get f***ing bedhead and s**t. I get it, those were his rules, but f**k it. And nah I couldn't live out here, man. I need all seasons. Plus I don't drive.''