Liam Gallagher praised Lewis Capaldi for winding up his brother Noel Gallagher.

Earlier this year, Noel and Lewis were engaged in a war of words after Noel called him an ''idiot'' and Lewis reacted by taking to social media to reveal it was a ''dream come true'' to join the long list of artists to have felt the full force of Noel's acerbic tongue, which further infuriated the star.

And Noel's estranged brother Liam, 47 - who has not spoke to his sibling since their band Oasis imploded in 2009 - was thrilled with Lewis for annoying Noel, 52, so he invited him for a drink.

Lewis, 23, told Q magazine: ''I'd just come offstage at Glastonbury, my tour manager gets a text from Liam's tour manager, 'Liam wants to meet Lewis'. F**king right! Walked over, he just strolls out with his swagger and he goes, I f**king love how you wound our kid up, F**king aye! He was, 'D'you want a lager? Are you staying around to get p***ed?' I was like 'This is class'. I had a beer, he didn't, he was just about to go on stage and that's what was cool as f**k aswell, 20 minutes before he went on he was 'Come on over'. It was just f**king bang on, it was exactly how I wanted Liam Gallagher to be.''

Lewis was also impressed when he met Sir Elton John and the pair compared musical tastes.

He said: 'Mr John. He got in touch through the head of Universal in the UK, 'Can we meet for lunch?'. It was the week of TRNSMT [music festival in Glasgow] in July and I flew to his gaff in France - Easyjet! - and he was lovely. The afternoon dissolved, I was supposed to fly back earlier and he said, 'Just stay the rest of the day'. I changed my flight and it was just me and him showing each other tunes on his iPad. I mentioned I liked Joe Cocker, he was 'Have you ever heard this Joe Cocker song?' and I was, 'Have you heard Donna Missal?' She's supporting me on tour and she's f**king unreal. It was just back and forth and I kept thinking, 'This is stuff I do with my pals when we're in the car' and everytime I looked up it's f**king Elton John. He's just so plugged in, still has that love of music. When he's listening you can see it and that's how you should f**king feel about music. After all that time, it's music first.''