Liam Gallagher is eyeing a collaboration with Big Shaq.

The 45-year-old singer and the 'Man's Not Hot' rapper - whose real name is Michael Dapaah - are regularly in contact with each other, and Big Shaq has revealed that Liam is keen on them recording a track together.

He explained: ''Liam Gallagher - that's my guy. Yeah, we talk all the time.

''He said, 'You're a legend man, just keep going. Go for it, brother.'

''He wants to work on a song together - he's been giving me great vibes. Hopefully we will get in the studio together soon. He's showing me a lot of love.''

Despite this, Big Shaq has also been invited by Noel Gallagher - with whom Liam has an ongoing feud - to support him on his tour.

But the British star is hopeful he can help to bring the sibling rivals and former Oasis bandmates back together once again.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''I haven't actually met Noel, but he wanted me to come on tour with him, which could have been tricky with my friendship with Liam.

''But I'm a citizen of the world and maybe I can bring them together.''

Meanwhile, Noel previously hailed Big Shaq, describing him as a comedy ''genius''.

He shared: ''I was watching this Big Shaq feller and I was thinking it can't be real. It turns out he's comedian called Michael Dappah. And he's a genius. He's the funniest thing I've ever seen on the internet.''