The Australian actor, who is among the stars of the upcoming Independence Day sequel, has been trying to keep his life on the down low ever since he reunited with ex-fiancee Miley Cyrus last year (15), and he could do without the daily visits from star spotters.

Fortunately, he has yet to actually see a celebrity tour bus outside his house - but he knows they're there.

"I haven't seen it (Los Angeles celebrity tour bus)," he tells Aussie radio host Kent Smalls. "I'll throw stones at it if it does (come down my road). They (tour companies) know not to come down my road."

And Liam insists he'll never be in the awkward position his The Hunger Games co-star Josh Hutcherson once found himself in.

"He told me about one time when he was pulling up to his house and the bus was going by...," he chuckles. "I'd just run away."

The 26-year-old star is also throwing rocks at nosy reporters trying to dig up dirt on his rekindled romance with Miley.

Asked about the status of his love life during a recent appearance on Entertainment Tonight Liam revealed the couple is "happy" with the way things are going right now, but he has learned to keep his mouth shut in public to keep the peace at home.

"I just find it's easier to not talk about my personal life because usually I say the wrong thing, so it ends up just complicating things more," he confessed. "So, I feel like it's better not to talk about it."