Cheryl has been praised for being such a ''hands-on'' mother.

The 'Fight For This Love' hitmaker has two-year-old Bear with former boyfriend Liam Payne and singer Sinitta was impressed with the way the singer refused to give in to peer pressure and let the toddler indulge in too many sweet treats at the birthday party of mutual friend Simon Cowell's son Eric earlier this year.

Sinitta said: ''Bear was at Eric's birthday party and Cheryl was letting him indulge but trying not to let him overindulge.

''In public, you don't want to be the disciplined mother while everyone else is letting their children stuff their faces with sweets. But she was taking things away and saying, 'No - we'll have this, and not that.'

''She's good, she's hands on.''

The 56-year-old singer - who has adopted children Mgdalena, 14, and Zac, 13, with ex-husband Andy Willner - got to know Cheryl when she first joined 'The X Factor' as a judge in 2008 and admitted even back then the former Girls Aloud star was keen to have kids of her own.

She told Closer magazine: ''Bear is adorable - he looks like both of them actually. Cheryl and Liam have both got that little pixie look haven't they?

''It's so funny because I remember the first time I met Cheryl, she was a tiny little thing herself.

''I'd just adopted my babies maybe the year before and she used to always pick up my little boy and go, 'Oh my gosh - I'm going to have one like this one day.'

''She was with Ashley then, so it's funny that she's this grown woman with a baby now.''