Liam Payne can't decide where to settle down with his family.

The 24-year-old singer has been splitting his time between London, New York, and Los Angeles recently as he continues working on his debut solo album, but has admitted he can't pick a favourite out of the three cities and isn't sure where he'd like to live with his girlfriend Cheryl Tweedy and their ten-month-old son Bear.

Speaking to Music Choice, he said: ''I don't think I have fully settled down yet, to be honest with you. Obviously my life has been on the road the whole time that I have been doing this so I'm more than used to moving to place to place to place.

''I've actually spent a ton of time in New York I've recently really grown to love the place I think it's amazing. I love LA, But London will always be home for me, I am an English boy I can't help it. I do love my home even though the weather is pants ... there is much nicer restaurants in a lot of different places.''

Wherever the happy family decide to settle down, the One Direction star will make sure their home is decked out with a bar where he can house all the awards he's collected over the years.

He said: ''I built this little bar, well I bought the tools, I imagined this bar area in our house with all of our awards on the wall.''

Meanwhile, the 'Strip That Down' singer will no doubt be keen to settle down soon, as he previously admitted he struggles being away from home, especially during the holiday season.

Speaking before Christmas, he said: ''The house has just been done up all Christmassy so there's a lovely feeling around at the minute. I've been away for a little while so I've only seen pictures, that's been the hardest thing about touring.''