The Turn Down for What hitmaker, who dropped out of Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to pursue his musical dreams, was invited to speak to students at the top school and admitted the offer to lecture there came as such a surprise, he was convinced it was a joke.

He told the crowd, "I thought it was a joke. Am I being catfished (pranked)? Thank you for having me, this is great. I've never been to a college and spoke (sic)."

The 44 year old, real name Jonathan Smith, discussed his thoughts about another recent Oxford University lecturer, Kanye West, who he insisted is simply misunderstood, while he revealed he isn't a fan of reality TV shows, adding, "I can't understand why people watch (those shows). People are acting wild and crazy. I don't like the way it represents black folks in general."

Lil Jon also shared his views on U.S. President Barack Obama's two terms in office, saying, "I think Obama's done a great job. It takes time to restore an old historic car - you can't just do it overnight. That's how I look at the administration that came before Obama. He put a new engine in it, he put some new rims, got a paint job. He's criticised, and at the end of today it's because he's black."

The rapper/producer also touched on what he would be doing if he wasn't in the music industry, stating, "I'd be a psychologist or psychiatrist, I'm very good at helping people with their problems. In high school I was the guy all the girls came to with their problems."