Filmmaker Andy Wachowski and his transgender sister Lana have hit back at claims they stole the premise for their popular The Matrix sequels, insisting the full trilogy was their own idea.

Scriptwriter Thomas Althouse accused the Wachowskis of copying the ideas for The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions from his screenplay and launched legal action against the pair.

He alleges the siblings ripped off his script for The Immortals, which he claims he submitted to executives at Warner Bros. Pictures, the studio behind the franchise, in 1993 and is demanding $300 million (£200 million), in addition to a percentage of the $1.63 billion the trilogy grossed at the global box office.

Now Andy and Lena Wachowski have filed a countersuit against Althouse's claim, insisting the entirety of both movies was their work and that Althouse's lawsuit should be dismissed. The siblings also want him to pay their legal fees, according to