A movie of the hit stage show 'Hamilton' is not expected to arrive until 2020.

The production has been a huge success on Broadway, but a 2016 recording of the musical, which was created by Lin-Manuel Miranda, won't be seen for two more years, with the makers seemingly keen to maximise their earnings from the stage show.

Studios are currently bidding for the rights to distribute the movie, according to the Wall Street Journal newspaper, which claims that a $50 million price tag has been placed on the film.

The show - which opened on Broadway in 2015 - is about the founding father, Alexander Hamilton, and it features a mix of different musical genres, including hip-hop, R&B, pop and soul.

Lin-Manuel originally starred in the musical but left the production shortly before it was recorded for the movie.

Meanwhile, Lin-Manuel previously admitted that despite creating the musical, he has a very realistic view of America's founding fathers, who also included the likes of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

He shared: ''I think the notion of our founders being these perfect men who got these stone tablets from the sky that became our Constitution and Bill of Rights is bull***t. They did a remarkable thing in sticking the landing from revolution to government. That's the hardest thing to do.

''You can go across the ocean to France, where they totally f**ked it up and then got stuck in a cycle of revolution and tyranny. So that's not nothing. But that being said, there's compromise in our founding documents. There's compromise between North and South. There's compromise between manufacture and agriculture.

''The same fights we have over the role of our government now and the size of our government now are the fights they were having.''