Lin-Manuel Miranda never watched 'Mary Poppins' all the way through until he was an adult.

The 38-year-old actor - who portrays Jack in the highly-anticipated upcoming sequel 'Mary Poppins Returns' - was too overcome with emotion when Dame Julie Andrews, who portrayed the magical nanny, sang 'Feed the Birds' midway through the film and couldn't bring himself to keep watching.

He admitted: ''I couldn't get through 'Feed the Birds.'

''I was very sensitive to minor-key music, and that song was so sad that I don't think I saw the ending of Mary Poppins until I was grown, because I would just cry.

''I loved 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.' I loved Dick Van Dyke. I loved the whole movie but then that one song was so sad I kind of never survived it.''

And the 'Hamilton' creator - who has sons Sebastian, four, and Francisco, nine months, with wife Vanessa Nadal - admitted that wasn't the only song that evoked an extreme emotional reaction when he was young.

He told the new issue of America's Vanity Fair magazine: ''My family had so many stories about that, about how Stevie Wonder's 'I Just Called to Say I Love You' would come on and they'd have to change the channel because I would burst into tears.

''You know what? I actually remember the feeling. I remember it was so many 'nos' in the lyrics. 'No New Year's Day to celebrate'- it felt apocalyptic to me as a little kid. 'No songs to sing' - I was like, 'Turn it off!' I was very sensitive.

'''Bridge Over Troubled Water' apparently just laid me out when I was an infant. My parents have all kinds of stories like that.''