Linda Hamilton is set to star in 'Easy Does It'.

The 'Terminator' franchise star will take on the lead role in the crime drama about a crime matriarch, King George, who sends her daughter on a wild chase across the country in pursuit of the movie's anti-heroes Jack and Scottie (Ben Matheny and Matthew Martinez).

The movie is Will Addison's directorial debut and Linda, 60, revealed one of the reasons she chose the movie is because she loves to nurture new talent.

She said: ''I love working with new talented directors, and seeing works that are personal and so hard-won come into full bloom.''

Will added: ''It's a weird and wild role and Linda is the only one with the right energy to pull it off. She's fearless, electric, and super fun. We're fortunate to have her join our team and bring this film to life.''

Susan Gordon will play King George's bounty hunter daughter, Bryan Batt has joined the cast as a police officer and Dwight Henry stars as a weary sheriff.

Lizzie Guitreau will produce the movie, with Alexa Georges as executive producer.

Meanwhile, Charlize Theron recently praised Linda for paving the way for female action hero roles in Hollywood.

She told Variety: ''I think we would be remiss not to acknowledge ['Alien's] Sigourney Weaver and ['Terminator's] Linda Hamilton. We've had moments like this, where women really showcase themselves and kind of break glass ceilings. And then we don't sustain it. Or there's one movie that doesn't do well, and all of a sudden, no one wants to make a female-driven film.''